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Halloween Is coming fast -Halloween links and candy Bags

by on Sep.18, 2010, under Art updates, Paranormal

I love Halloween and Autumn, all the wonderful colors are just breathtaking! The crisp leaves, the cool nights, full moon, and then, oh yes, the spooky Halloween nights; not just Halloween, but so many Halloween activities leading up to it as well. This is a list of my Autumn and Fall activities lenses, as well as spooky and fun

Click here to visit all my pages about Autumn and Halloween

also check out fun product to fill with candy and goodies HERE

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new art and photos

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Art updates

You can find products here

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New Art

by on May.15, 2010, under Art updates

My New art

You can purchase this and view other new works  Here

Some artists just fully inspire me

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell, the strength they give women in muscle tone and the warrior within, it just captured me. When I read more about Julie Bell and her desire to show the strength all women had in her work, I do not know something inside me got stronger and saw the art in an entirely different way and it inspires me in my art. I am learning more and more about muscle, strength, and representing the inner women. I have finally completed some in 3d that I am pretty pleased with, I have them displayed in my Zazzle gallery below. I have books of their art and lessons. Boris is famous for illustrations for heroes posters, music album covers. From My lens  Read more

New photography

Lilacs! My favorite flower and ever since I was a child I would get excited along with Mom when the scent filled the air, and they where in bloom. I grew up in NH and the Lilac is the State Flower. I recall the strict laws on cutting them and picking the theflowers, unless on your own property. This lens is all about the purple Lilac, planting, care, festivals, photos and more!
Aside from Roses, there is no flower as beautiful and aromatic as Lilacs., Lilacs have a stronger scent that carries quite a distance. Unfortunately, Lilacs bloom for only a very brief couple weeks in the spring. Read More my writings about this  Here

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Lisa’s Quick Links (Photoshop tutorial Sites)

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Lisa's Quick Links

photoshop tuts

Quick links =No time to code every link just subject and links to great sites but really wanted to share … and-icons/ … -Retouch/1 … s-tips.htm … … shop.shtml … ps_tut.php … =6&cpage=0 … and-icons/ … -Retouch/1

facebook friend and web and word press design

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Lisa’s Quick links (fun photo editing)

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Lisa's Quick Links

no time to code every link just subject and links to great sites

photo editing fun on line

bling and stickers to photos and word

photo books and prints

You do not need psp or photoshop

here are a few great tools right on line

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On going spirit investigation

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Paranormal

we are still investigating, but over the last year we have noticed our dog Tipper looking up at a spot near our piano in the living room, at about the height of a person, and she looks to be watching very intently like she does when someone speaks to her. The piano is very old and has been in my husbands family for nearly a hundred years. OK, so it could just be some dust floating about, or a picture she likes on the wall I don’t know, but then in the family room she sometimes does the same thing, looking at a spot on the wall like she is listening to someone. This second spot is exactly on the opposite side of the wall from the piano, and is actually directly on the opposite side from the spot she was looking at. And now, only in recent weeks, our younger dog is doing it to, do we have an angel or a spirit watching over us all? Maybe, and ya know, what It is OK.

we will update this post when things happen

update 1 Lisa has heard A voice only once but was clear and almost child like

update 2 bumps and noises most likely not the spirit but when Lisa Is alone at night it soothes her now to talk with the spirit and we have named it Angel fitting to male or female april 1, 2010 sandy stared at living room wall with ears perked.

update 3 still trying to get a recording when we do will post.

update 4 just before Christmas 2010 we noticed a red stain on the ceiling above my husbands chair about the size of a half dollar, we are not sure of what it is as there is no real attic there, so no way to investigate it (it is a converted garage). It hasn’t gotten any larger. It doesn’t look very red in this pic, but it is actually very red. I will try to get a better pic another day.

Red Stain

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New binders of Lisa’s Art and photography

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Art updates

New binders for scrapbooking photography and more
You can get them Here

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Angels spirits miracles

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Paranormal

already told you a bit about my pets, here is a bit more of my experiences. Well, I believe it started very young, you could say birth. I am an adopted child, my biological mother was a teen who still had me and when she saw me she wanted to try and keep me, but she couldn't and then gave me up. I was abused in a foster home and at 16 mos old I was adopted and my Mom and doctors closed down the foster home. I believe my new parents probably saved my life. I believe I have been watched over somehow since birth. When my Mom came to meet me at a visit in the welfare office, I bonded with her immediately and I held her tight and wouldn't let go. The agency couldn't believe it as I always acted timid and shy, afraid of everyone, but not Mom. When she left i cried myself sick and that next morning they had my Mom come and take me, it was suppose to be a few days, but they were worried about my constant crying and as soon as she showed up I ran to her and fell asleep in her arms.

I wont get into my whole life except to say that I was one of those people that was always given chances. No matter the trouble I was in I got another chance, people saw "something in me worth helping", words I heard so often and my reply was "glad you do, i sure don't". I think today that if I went to those people (teachers, police, therapists, etc) they would all say "see you are a nice person with a big heart and we knew you would do OK." I am not giving a compliment to myself as much to them, a very honest compliment and sincere thanks. The same happens with each bad friend I would make, for every one I would seem to wind up with 2 good friends that would enter my life. Some I have even reconnected with through Facebook. Over time I learned just as with love, true friends and good people see deeper, they can really see what's in your heart and see the good or the real you. And of coarse they care.

Spirit? Angel?-
When I was a preteen I would see this shadow on my wall, it scared me and I would ignore it. Sometimes the shadow moved some and looked like a figure, at some point I couldn't ignore it any longer, it moved with me a bit until I got to the kitchen, then I heard a creaking and looked in the family room and I saw my grandmother in a rocking chair. She had passed away when I was 5, she never spoke but it seemed like she had an expression of "things will be OK, and I will always be proud of you." also grammy was blind during my entire child hood yet i could tell she could see me her eyes fallowing my movements.
I told my mom in the morning, she didn't believe me at first until I described the blanket, chair, and other things which she said I couldn't have known. We went through photos to see if there were any of her with those details, there wasn't. She then believed that I saw her. Some people might think it was my imagination, no matter, I know it wasn't and I know she is always watching over me and proud of me. to this day I never saw the shadow again on my wall.

The most wonderful of miracles in my life is my husband. It's a more recent miracle than the others and is full of love and mystery!
We met through a friend and stayed connected online. We both had given up on finding real love any place, but when we where not looking it happened. I suppose most would say that's how it should be. Both of us had lost our moms within the previous year, and had earlier in our lives lost our dads. We were both still grieving our Moms' passing, and it was affecting each of our lives. He had gotten addicted to computer games, playing all night long and had a cluttered home, me well I went through money my mom gave me very quickly (through buying things for friends mostly), I had stopped eating, and really didn't care much except for the computer. After we met our lives changed. None of what I listed stayed the same, we became friends, lovers, and soon engaged, then married. We sold our homes and bought a house together. We believe our parents may have brought us together. There is a funny story related to that idea, when we were unpacking boneware sets I thought was my Mom's and instead it was his Mom's, they were the exact same pattern and it turned out that the pieces that they were each missing, were completed by the others set. The first time I called my Mom's giant plant "Charlie" he laughed and said "my mom had a big plant she called charlie as well." I could go on with small weird things, but suffice to say that the more these things occurred the bigger the connection of our Moms became and the more we felt we were meant to be together. He often says that I saved his life, he had been on antidepressants and didn't care about living any longer, and I know he saved mine. I always say I married my love and my best friend in the world. I was a drinker for some time and once we met I have not drank or wanted to since. I hadn't even thought about it enough to realize it for months. Oh I will have one at an event or at a dinner party, but that is even more and more rare. Some may say a geographical change caused me to quit, others might say love, I just know he saved my life and I have never felt this wonderful ever... and he often says the same.

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